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Rounded hub charger

AERO is a Power Hub solution which is at the same time powerful, elegant and compact. Thanks to 2 USB ports and 2 AC plugs, you can rapidly and simultaneously charge up to 4 devices and optimize your plugs. It also features a winder, included in its round shape, to store your cable. With its 3.4A capacity, it is the hybrid premium charging solution you cannot miss.

Usbepower | AERO Power Hub 2 USB ports and 2 AC plugs

Powerful, elegant and compact

POWER: Input 100-240 volt | Output 2 USB 3.4A / 2 Plugs 100-240 volt

Rounded wall charger

AERO Mini is a premium multifunctional charger that offers 2 USB ports to charge rapidly and simultaneously up to 2 connected devices.

Compact, elegant and powerful, it also features a phone stand to support your device while charging and a winder to store your cable.

It fits in any home interior with elegance and perfectly embodies smart Tech. 

Usbepower | AERO Power Hub 2 USB ports

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