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1. delivery



1.1 Territory of delivery


The Site indicates, for each The product offered for sale, the possible delivery territories for this product.


The delivery of the Products ordered on the Site will be made at the address indicated at the time of the Buyer's order as a "delivery address" (which may be different from the billing address), provided that it is located in the territory of possible delivery for the affected products.


1.2 Delivery modes


Different delivery methods may be possible, depending on the product categories and their weight.


The Buyer is informed before the validation of his order of possible delivery methods for the product ordered as well as the time and cost corresponding to each of these modes.


The Buyer must select the desired delivery method and give all the information necessary for the actual delivery of the Product in this mode.


Proof of delivery to the Buyer by the carrier proves that the delivery has been completed.


1.3 Delivery time



The Site mentions, for each The product offered for sale, indicative delivery times depending on the territories and delivery methods. USBEPOWER guarantees delivery within a reasonable time given the location of delivery and the possibility offered you carriers at the time of order. However, the delivery time indicated by USBEPOWER is an indicative time frame and does not take into account any delays of the selected carriers.




The actual delivery time will be confirmed to the Buyer in the order confirmation email.


Failing to deliver within the above time, the Buyer can resolve the order, by letter recommended with acknowledgement or in writing on another durable medium, if, after having usBEPOWER, on the same terms, to make the delivery within a reasonable additional time, it did not execute within that time.


The contract is considered resolved upon USBEPOWER's receipt of the letter or written informing it of this resolution, unless it has been executed in the meantime.


If the contract is resolved under the above terms, the Buyer will be reimbursed for all the sums he has paid, including the delivery fee, no later than 14(fourteen)days after the date on which the a contract was denounced.




In any case, USBEPOWER reserves the possibility of getting closer to the Buyer in order to offer alternative solutions for reimbursement of the price of the products and the delivery costs. The Buyer will have to express explicitly and on sustainable terms its acceptance of the choice of an alternative method of reimbursement.

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